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About The Luxe.

The Luxe is your sumptuous travel partner.

Travel holds limitless and timeless experiences

Discover with the Luxe an unrivalled blend of culture and luxury. Relax in the knowledge that the Luxe will lay all the groundwork for your upscale vacation.


We create journeys that grant you the ultimate comfort and luxury assorted with unique adventures and experiences. Our elite travel organization and management is specialized in designing authentic and handpicked experiences that pave your way to luxurious sites worth exploring.


Celebrate destinations, discover people and cultures, explore wonders at the heart of your journey and meet with your business clients in an unperturbed ambiance. Sometimes the question is not deciding whether to go but where to go…


The Luxe offers bespoke holidays throughout the world.

With cultural excellence and handpicked luxury, we stand out, due to blue-ribbon services and style tailored by expertise and partnerships with some of the world’s most authentic brands that celebrate extravagance and utilize carefully-selected accommodation, transportation and exclusive experiences and events.